Ultrashort pulses Processing

High-quality processing to difficult-to-cut material such as ceramic and glass by non-thermal processing of femtosecond laser

Femtosecond lasers operate the nonthermal process, and the minimal heat affect means they can work an array of materials. These include metals, ceramics and resins, and such delicate media as transparent glass and films.


  • High speed machining with reduced burr and micro cracks
     High-quality processing of difficult-to-cut materials such as metal, ceramic, glass and silicon
  • Any shape can be processed by controlling the taper angle
     Straight hole, reverse taper, hole other than round shape
  • Capable of machining large workpieces
     stage size:500×500(mm)

Application example

  • Rectifier filter (gas / liquid)
  • Mask mold for photolithography
  • Inspection parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Medical parts
  • Various nozzles such as inkjet nozzles and dispenser nozzles
  • Adsorption parts
  • Aperture, collimator
  • Ceramic processing t200µm square30µm pitch40µm
  • Ceramic processing t200µm φ30µm pitch60µm
  • Straight hole SUS t300µm φ200µm
  • Irregular shaped nozzle SUS t300µm
    width 200µm

Chief machining specs

Oscillator Ultrashort pulses Processing(Femtosecond)
Maximum work size 500(X)×500(Y)×50(Z)mm
Minimum hole diameter Φ25μm(Straight hole)
Shape Straight hole, reverse taper, hole other than round shape
aspect ratio 10
Surface roughness Ra0.1µm or under