Metal 3D Printers - Trial Case StudiesCoded mask (Coded Aperture)


Trial case study Coded mask (Coded Aperture)
Fields of application
Diagnostic imaging apparatus (nuclear medicine),
Radiological equipment
Devices of application
Masks for detectors for biomolecule imaging
Masks for detectors for astronomical observation
Material of the sample
in the photo
Pure tungsten
Size of the sample
in the photo
Manufacturing process Metal 3D printer
Features ”Bridgeless” finishing with our unique method.
Various pattern shapes including circle, square, hexagon,
and others, are supported.
Trial pieces are available from 1 piece,
with pure tungsten which is good in radiation shielding.

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Metal 3D Printers - Our Services

  • We offer one-stop services including the secondary processing such as surface finishing.
  • High precision finishing with our precision machining technologies.
  • The parts and the products are ready-to-use at arrival.
  • We conduct verifications beforehand to reduce the risks of failure, using Simufact Additive, a software solution of MSC for the simulation of the processes.
  • Trial pieces are available from 1 piece. Mass production is supported as well.
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