Micro foreign materials sample for calibration

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Fuel cell, micro foreign materials sample for film X-ray inspection

Lithium-ion batteries are inspected for metal contamination on electrodes and separators to suppress the occurrence of internal short circuits. We manufacture minute foreign sample for calibration for its foreign materials inspection.
It can be used as a foreign materials test piece that can be picked up on the order of tens of μm.


  • Calibration sample for X-ray inspection equipment
  • Samples for foreign materials inspection of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells
  • Sample for inspecting metal foreign materials on film
  • Test pieces for food contamination
  • For calibration at minute sample measurement


  • Minimum size of foreign materials sample: Φ 10 μm
  • Maximum thickness: t 30 μm
  • Maximum work size: 50 mm × 50 mm
  • Sample pickup, adhesion fixing according to handling possible.
  • Process the shape to the shape according to customer's request.
  • Low damage processing by extremely low acceleration voltage
  • Dimension guarantee by SEM measurement calibrated on standard scale

Product machining examples

Measurement is performed with an electron microscope (SEM) that is thoroughly calibrated and managed with measurement accuracy ± 10% μm.

  • Example of foreign materials sample
    Materials: SUS304
    Diameter: Φ30μm
    Thickness: t20µm

Please consult in such a case