From the President

Precision micro-machining technology is being treated as more and more important, assuming the role of a common baseline technology supporting modern advanced manufacturing.
Ever since our founding in 1955, we have manufactured metal spinning caps that form the key technology for synthetic fiber production, providing them to fiber makers in Japan, America, Europe, and worldwide to contribute to the industry’s development.
The precision micro-machining technology and experience we’ve developed over this time is being used in a wide variety of other manufacturing fields.
Precision-machined parts form the core of vital components in aircraft, manufacturing robots, measurement / control devices, and much more. In addition, the unique fluid nozzles we have developed, designed, and manufactured have demonstrated their worth as a key component in many types of manufacturing machinery.
Our ultra-precision micro-machining technology goes down to the sub-micron level, seeing use in the optical networking field that has grown so vital to creating an advanced data-driven world.
We have brought ferrules, adapters, and other optical parts to market, alongside a selection of other optical devices.
Along these lines, we will continue to be a pioneer in ultra-precision micro-machining technology, contributing to society with the high-precision, high-quality products we provide.